Well Folks, I am back as Mama Bear's Oven.  You might know me as,  Soap Mom's Kitchen and Mommas Oven.  I deleted my Google account thinking I was spending to much time blogging.  The truth is I really miss and regretted that hasty decision. My love of baking and my customers, friends and family have convinced me to start blogging again.

Well, needless to say I truly miss blogging.  Unfortunately, I was not able to retrieve all those years of blogging at Soap Mom's Kitchen, Cookin Veggie, Sutherland Soaps, Sutherland Art and all those beloved recipes, pics and memories are gone forever.   I have been collecting recipes, developing recipes and experimenting for years and I am thankful I had a few copies of my recipes laying around the house.  I haven't thrown in the towel yet, and I am determined to archive all those recipes again.  Looking forward to adding more!  This blog is truly for my daughter, friends, family and customers who are frantic that all is lost.  This is for you.  Love you all.

A bit about who I am.  My name is Angela, I live on Long Island and I am a pretty simple lady and nothing makes me happier than being in my kitchen.  I am a Mama to a beautiful eighteen year old daughter, named Athena and a wonderful supportive husband, named Marco.  I am always entertaining and I love having friends and family around a table filled with great food.  My other hobbies include the pastry arts, cake decorating, crafting, soap making, painting and sculpting.  I have baked professionally since I was twelve years old. Baking is my joy.  Love to see people enjoy eating my cakes.  Nothing makes me happier!!!

I am a girl that is very spiritual, yes heaven and God are for real,  spontaneous, never thinks things through, hates anything to do with numbers or math, can never work in an office, loves nature, a bit of a Gothic Queen at heart,  loves music and especially art, love the colors black, white, gray and red and yes, black, gray and white are colors in my book, drawn to things that are old (people and antiques), love to get my hands dirty and I am not afraid of hard work.

As I got older and still learning from all my mistakes, I realized that being kind to others and giving selflessly is true happiness.  Love is everything and is the most powerful medicine in the world.  If you do one thing today, be as kind as you can be.  I'm learning everyday and I have fallen, but that makes me more determine.  When I am good, everything goes right and I feel awesome. 

Enjoying my life with people I love is my number one priority and I am thankful for all the love I get back!!

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